Heavy Metal Kidz 7" Single

by Awkward Energy



Released as a limited 7" single by Position to Know Records (PIAPTK) out of Tucson, Arizona (formally Olympia). PIAPTK produced about 50 copies of these 7”s. Of those I hand-painted 10 covers.

E-mail me and I might have some left to sell through the distro site. $10

All the guitar work on this is by David Ya Ya Herman Dune


released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Jack Lesser Lewis' Awkward Energy Portland, Oregon

Jack Lewis was born and raised on the Lower East Side of NYC, but has been making Portland, Oregon his home since 2006. He is best known as bass player, singer and sometime songwriter for his brother in the Jeffrey Lewis Band (Rough Trade). Jack has released 4 or 5 compilations of his recordings sometimes assisted by the labels Olive Juice Music, Smoking Gun, Ample Play and Stitch Stitch Records ... more

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Track Name: Heavy Metal Kidz
Heavy Metal Kidz

Heavy Metal Kids in the sunshine
Heavy Metal Kidz on the beach
Heavy Metal Kidz are holding hands, it makes me feel so sweet

Heavy Metal Kidz at the disco
shuffling their feet
Leather jackets clang, sweaty and in pain
they give in to their needs

Cause they got a darkness inside that they don’t know how to deal with
so they play their records loud
and practice their instruments

now the heavy metal kids are staring at me
they see me with my pen
they’re pulling me into the bathroom
they’re making me one of them

I’m told stories of witches and wizards
moose, bear and deer
I’m drawing a pentagram on my jean jacket
they’re offering me a beer

Now I got a darkness inside
that I don’t know how to deal with
so I play my records loud
and practice my instrument

I’m a heavy metal kid
(heavy metal Kid)

I’m a heavy metal kid
(heavy metal Kid)

I don’t know how it happened, but I’m glad that it did.
Track Name: This Land Is Your Land (Olympics Edition)
As we walked the Olympic forest
we stepped in mud, It filled our shoes
We slept in meadows,We ate good food

We held a toad, hiked thirty miles
Got some blisters, on our toes
The bugs were biting, but we were smiling

Ceder trees, covered in moss
blocked our path, that didn't stop us
we pushed on into alpine meadows

Sat in the grass, and pumped lots of water
Walked over rocks, At Elip creek
huckleberries lined our path …

Spiders crawled on our shoulders
Some were fluorescent, some were brown
their webs twinkled in the sunlight

the Quinalt river was our guide
the packs were heavy, with every stride
we walked onwards to our campsites

Pooped in the woods, learned new card games
red 7, hearts and spades
ate lots of couscous along the way

Aidan saw airplanes, one was supersonic,
Syd did a card trick it didn't work
we saw mushrooms on dead trees

Graciela lost her bandanna
and McKenna ran after it
Emma's allergic to all beans